Today, a year ago, I turned 25, and I quit my job. Now a year has passed, and things changed, a lot of things. 

I moved to Vienna, stopped smoking, quit alcohol and reduced my consumption of sugar and animal-related products. I started doing yoga, carrying more about my health and what I consume, got nearly zero waste - just buying regional and seasonal products, taking care about my environmental impact, lost 15kg and feeling sexier than ever.
I truly rearranged my whole life and who I am. Becoming more subtle and down to earth, trusting in my mind and body and who I became...

... but made my changes a happier me? 

In the first place - No! It was horrible, losing my trusted environment, friends, activities, relationship and a lot of comfort zone benefits. I mean "Losing", they weren't lost, they were just a bit further away than usual. Moving to another city in your mid-twenties was something awkward for me, it hasn't had any impact on me in the first place - I thought. 

But I struggled with getting away from three addictions (Alcohol, Sugar, Nicotine), feeling lonely and lost in a city, a city where I already have known people, a lot of people, but getting into the routines and stuff was hard. I spent a lot of lonely nights at home, staring at the ceilings, with completely nothing in my mind.

Did I regret it? 

I thought about getting back to Graz, back where I (thought I) belong to, everybody knows me and I'm out every night, spending time with people and graceful moments. BUT, coming back was no option for me, I had to leave the city, the environment where I developed my addictions, behaviours and everything else I didn't like on myself. 

Now im glad to look back and think about that it was one of the best decisions I made, it's still hard to be in a relationship with someone at a different place and having a lot of people you like somewhere else, but all those changes were good ones! I don't regret anything! 

Looking back?

I'm thrilled to look back and read the texts I wrote in the past years, i was unhappy and disliked myself. Now, I'm glad that I get more and more happy about me and my life, complaining less about myself. I'm not a super inspirational guy, but there must be something about that you can change your life and bring it in the right way. 

Last but not least

Thanks to all the people who wrote to me today! And I'm glad that from year to year I meet so many inspirational people that turn out to great friends, I don't meet them as often as I like, but im glad that they're there when I need them. 

As I mentioned, my website ist partly online again, and as I said in my last Instagram poll, I'm going to start writing again, and I'm super happy to write more soon.