Hej, I'm Peter or some may know me as tasty(creates). Currently I'm employed at Bacon&Bold as a Digital Art Director. You can find me in Vienna or Graz. In my spare time, I enjoy painting, co-creating or just enjoying a coffee with you. Hit me up or stalk me on Instagram, have a look at my CV on LinkedIn or have some fun using my Giphy-Stickers.

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*me eating some ice cream. You may see me like that pretty often.

Exhibitions & stuff:

2016 - tasty new era // Designmonat Graz, Solo Show

2020 - One Pride, Warner Music // Commission 

2021 - Banale Banale // Group show, Graz

2021 - We <3 Illustration // Group Show, Graz

Based in Vienna & Graz
Favorite Colour: NCS S 4030-N90B 
Riding a PUCH Bagarre
Proud dad of about 40 house plants
Current beard hair count: 15.372
Self-appointed art critic since 1994

Fun fact: You can find teaching material for German as a Foreign Language about me on the Internet.

Things I still like:

Let me show you my world… ahm I mean… work


Warner Music Pride Commission 2020


If you want to see a huge lemon. Click the image.


Anders sein… Cover for GrazIn Magazin


Shop window time-lapse 

Any idea for a fun collab? Hit me up here!


The toilet - a mirror of ourselves

Thanks and bye! See you soon again.